How to Use Castor Oil to Softens Calluses

Castor Oil to Softens Calluses

This oil is famous for an excellent moisturizer that helps you to get soften calluses. It helps you to treat dry skin and rough skin to take applied for the affected area. However, this makes you to restore the moisture and adds softness to the affected layer. As it includes anti inflammatory properties, it helps to elevate the pain and swelling when you apply this castor oil for the layer. When it applied to the feet, it quickly removes dry and cracked heels for the women.

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• Use warm water and soak it for 10 minutes before using castor oil
• Then, apply castor oil to the affected area to become thick
• Rinse your feet well and allows them to dry for seconds
• Just apply the castor oil with small piece of tape and leave it for several hours
• Repeat this step until you get positive results

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