4 Easy Winter Skin Care Tips to Keep You Looking Radiant

4 Easy Winter Skin Care Tips to Keep You Looking Radiant

Beat the Winter Blues

The cold and windy winters can leave our skin dry, dull and lifeless. To pep things up, all you require are a few basic winter skin care tips. Winters give rise to various skin problems but the most prominent of them all is dryness and chapped skin. So, to get your skin hydrated, drink plenty of water and cut down on caffeine intake. Also, starting your day with a glass of lukewarm water with a dash of lemon squeezed in do wonders to remove toxins from the body.

Winter Body Basics
If you want to keep your skin hydrated, cut down on those hot showers. As tips for winter skin, it is bets to use moderately hot water and keep the shower short. Also, once you pat dry your skin, make sure to apply a moisturizer immediately to retain moisture on skin. Moisturizers are an important part of winter skin tips. Only use oil based moisturizer which do not clog your skin pores and soaked in quickly. Repeat application whenever required.

Show Off That Beautiful Skin!
In winters, our hands and feet are most neglected. As tips for winter skin, soaking them in lukewarm water with sea salt and a mild cleanser, followed by exfoliation and a thick coat of moisturizer does wonders. Stay away from harsh soaps as they tend to dry up the skin and cause irritation. Whenever possible use vinyl gloves when exposed to water for long duration.

Winter Getaways
Stepping out in the harsh winter can be a pain. Apart from keeping yourself warm, you must also take protection from the winter wind and sun that can be skin damaging. Use a sunscreen with an SPF of 30, a good quality lip balm with SPF and thick moisturizer to brave the chill.

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